Did Aliens help build the Pyramids? Ancient Artifacts, Hieroglyphics showing spaceships, Elongated skulls, Giants, Dinosaurs. We cover it all.


Here is a link going into the different Pharaohs.


Different variations of aliens seen in Egyptian imagery.

Skulls with elongation

Pieces of what Sir William Petri found and had hidden behind his book case:

Sorry I couldn’t find a proper version of this picture, so I snapped it from my computer.


Image of possible dinosaur representation:

The size of some of the stones they had to move:

The massive casing stones of the Great Pyramid. In 832 AD the entire pyramid was still covered with them. (Author provided)

Signs that Giants exsisted:

This is a giant flint knife.

This is a video of going into giants:

These are the numbers we discuss near the end of the episodes, in regards to how the pyramids connect to the planets, Venus, Earth, and Mars.


With that link you can find everything and more with what we talk about with this alignment of the pyramids and the volume and all the little details!

These are some Mayan Rocks we found with UFO imagery:

Mini Pyramids:

The below image is a layout of the ancient city Teotihuacan

THIS is what a piece of a circuit board looks like. JUST SAYING.

Ankh Ana References in her personal thoughts and theories: